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Four Design & Build Options












House & Section Package


One of the easiest ways to get a new home is through a House & Section Package.  These are houses designed and built (or planned to be) by Homebuild Homes on sections we own. They can be purchased at any stage of construction from plan stage to completed homes. This includes any showhomes we have under construction or completed.


Check about what House & Section Packages we currently have available. If we don't have a section in your area, we can help identify and source sections that meet your budget and lifestyle needs.



Fixed Price Plans


Fixed Price Plans are well designed to be space efficient, cost effective and to fit most sites. You can save money by choosing this design option. Homebuild Homes has a range of Fixed Price Plan available, from homes easy on the budget  to larger executive style homes.


You can be assured of the quality of design as we've successfully built variations of these plans a number of times.



Customisable Plans


If you like the look of one of our Fixed Price Plans but it doesn't quite fit your section, or you would like to make some changes to suit your lifestyle needs, then we can customise the plan for you.


Depending on the changes you want, a Customisable Plan an be as cost effective as a Fixed Price Plan. For example if your changes don't affect the overall size or specification, there may be no addtional charge. And there are no surprises because we work through the design changes with you, and supply you with a fixed price quotation before you sign a contract.



Full Design & Build


If you know exactly what you want, or you have specific requirements, then Homebuild's Design & Build Service is for you.  Our excellent value rates still apply.  And it doesn't have to break the budget because we advise you along the way of the cost impact of your design choices.  


When you are happy with the design, we provide you with a fixed price contract and detailed specification so you know exactly what you will get in your home - and how much it will cost.



Planning your Build


Do the usual checks for a section that you would when buying an existing house.


Assess the local area; check what amenities are in the area, the school zoning, and the tone of the general neighbourhood. Is this the sort of area you would like to live in? Do your due diligence on the area: what zoning applies to nearby land or buildings? For example, it may be zoned industrial – is this ok? Consider asking for a registered valuation of the section.


Bear in mind your total budget – including the house.


Your budget only stretches so far. Before signing a contract on a house or a section, you should have a good idea of the total costs involved including; the house, the cost of getting services to the house, driveways, paths, fencing etc. Don’t guess - get some advice from a builder.


Features of the section and your preferred home.


Is it windy where you plan to build? Is it sunny? Is it swampy? How will your house sit on the site to make the most of its features? This is an especially important question to consider on a smaller or sloping site, as there are restrictions on how the house can be placed on the site.


Whether you are signing a building contract, a section contract, or a house and section contract, seek legal advice.