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How do Homebuild's prices compare with others?


Overall, Homebuild's prices compare favourably with the building industry estimated averages. According to the cost for a build is over $2,000/m2

  • Homebuild's prices start from $1,1575/m2*


* House Only. Price correct as at 1 March 2019. Price subject to change without notice. Ask Homebuild about pricing in your area, as prices can vary.



Why are Homebuild's prices so competitive?


We keep costs down by negotiating volume discounts, through material sourcing and very careful costing through to rigorous project management systems and by minimising our overheads - and we pass these savings on to you and we do not pay thousands of dollars in e.g. franchise or other fees.



How much does a House Cost to build?


The price of every house is different, because every house is unique in some way. There are four main factors that determine the cost of a house:


Size: The bigger the house, the more it costs.


Complexity of Design: Put simply, a rectangle costs less. Things that add cost to a house include for example; many exterior angles, a complicated roofline, more bathrooms & verandahs.


Complexity of Specification: The 'specification' (what materials are used) can greatly affect the final cost of a home.   For example, one type of brick may cost substantially more than another. Other price differences in materials may not be great, but the sum of many little things can add up to a substantial cost.


Location: The price of building a home varies by region due to different costs of labour and (sometimes) materials.



How do I know what is included in the quoted price?


There are many costs to take into account when building a new home. For exampleask the question does the quotation include: curtains & carpets (usually not), driveways, paths, fencing (usually only if requested), and in rural areas, septic & water tanks and power supply?


Usually a quotation for building is based on a 'level building site' (flat section). Any engineering or sitework that may be necessary as a result of a sloping site is quoted for where possible.


Similarly there can be additional costs for bringing the services (phone, power etc) to the site if it is a back section. If we have assessed the site, we can include this in the quote.



What are PC Sums?


A PC Sum is an allowance for either materials or labour. The final cost of an item may be more or less than the PC Sum provided and this does affect the final cost you pay, even in a fixed price contract.  


In our contracts, you can expect to find PC Sums for items you are likely to make changes to, such as kitchens and floor coverings. These are usually supported by quotations contained at the back of the contract.


Sum Allowed


For some aspects of a build it is not possible to provide an accurate estimate for. This is usually due to complexities of a specific site, or the design. Sometimes these factors are not known until after the build starts. This may include sitework or drainlaying and includes anything where an engineer's design is required.


After we receive an engineer's design we can  provide an estimate for work, based on the specification and design supplied by the engineer. However the engineer may change their requirements during construction.


All costs resultant from this work are at your expense.

How long will it take to build my house?


We estimate conservatively so that we don't disappoint you. We build quality homes, and don't cut corners. Allow at least 6 months from the time we start building.



Do you supply a warranty?


Yes. All homes we build come with a 10 -Year Builders Warranty against faults in workmanship. Products and fixtures we use are also backed by manufacturers warranties. You can also purchase an optional third party warranty through us, from Stamford Insurance who are underwritten by Lloyds of London.



Can I make changes to your plans?


Yes. You can use our plans, including Fixed Price Plans as a starting point and making changes to them to suit your lifestyle and budget. This can include changes to the actual design, roofline, cladding, or interior.



Do you have pre-costed House Plans?


Yes we do.  We maintain a small selection of plans from our range with up to date pricing. The priced plans may also assist you by providing a guide to our overall pricing.      


Homebuild can also provide a Fixed Price Quotation on any of our other plans, or on plans you have - this process usually takes about 2-3 weeks.



What is a Fixed Price Contract?


A Fixed Price Contract for your proposed new home is based on plan drawings, and a materials specification agreed with you in advance. The price, plan drawings and materials specficiation form part of the contract document.  


In a fixed price contract, the price will not change - unless you make a change.



What is included in a Fixed Price Quotation from Homebuild?


A fixed price quotation from Homebuild starts with the 'house only' cost and also itemises anything else (eg. fencing)  that you request. Homebuild also provides an 'Addendum to Specification' with every quotation, detailing in everyday language exactly what is - and is not - included in the cost of the home.



What Conditions Apply to your Fixed Price Plans?


The prices in advertised Fixed Price Plans are for the house only. This means a decorated house, including electric hot water and a dishwasher.


The price excludes floor coverings & drapes. Sitework, driveways & paths are also excluded from Fixed Price Plans because these costs vary depending on the section. However, we do provide a price for this upon appraisal, and before you sign any contract.


Advertised prices are subject to change without notice. There are many variables involved in pricing a house, and an increase in the cost of materials and/or labour from any of these can affect the final price.


In current building conditions, we are subject to continual price pressure as demand is high across all products and services in construction


Once we have entered into a fixed price contract with you, however, the contract price is locked in for the build specified in the contract.





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