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When you build with Homebuild, you get the security of a fixed price guarantee. This means that the price we quote, and you sign in your contract, is the final price.


There are no hidden 'extras'.


You are protected from any material price rises during construction

The only change to the price is if you make changes - and we provide a quote for changes too.


Build with the security of Homebuild's Fixed Price Guarantee

How can Homebuild provide a Fixed Price Guarantee?


It's simple really. Unlike many other builders, we don't provide estimates, we get actual quotes on every part of every house we build. This means that the price we quote you is backed up by valid quotes from our suppliers.  Even where we provide a PC Sum (for the kitchen, or floor covering for example), this is backed up by a quote for a specific kitchen design or floor coverings, which are also included in the contract document.


But don't worry, you can still make changes if you neeed to


If you need to make a change to something in the house specification after you sign the contract, this can be done.  We provide you with a Fixed Price Quote for the change, and this will only commence once you have signed it off. That way, everyone knows where we are at, and there are no nasty surprises at the end of the build process.


If you have any questions about our Fixed Price Guarantee - contact us.